Have a Safe and Fun Fourth of July!

We hope that your family enjoys a safe and fun Fourth of July!  We know fireworks go hand in hand with the 4th of July but did you know that each year thousands of people, most often kids and teens are injured?fireworks-safety-for-kidsUnfortunately, fireworks can cause serious injuries to children, including devastating burns and other injuries. More than 3,000 children under the age of 15 are sent to the emergency room each year in the United States because of fireworks. Sparklers, which are typically viewed by parents as relatively harmless fireworks for children, account for one-third of the injuries to children under five.  We would like to share some important safety tips to consider to keep your family safe.

The best way to protect your family is to not use any fireworks at home. Instead, attend public fireworks displays and leave the lighting to the professionals.

If you plan to use fireworks, make sure they are legal in your area.

  • Closely supervise children around fireworks at all times.
  • Little arms are too short to hold sparklers, which can heat up to 1,200 degrees. How about this? Let your young children use glow sticks instead. They can be just as fun but they don’t burn at a temperature hot enough to melt glass.
  • Always have a bucket of water and/or a fire extinguisher nearby. Know how to operate the fire extinguisher properly.

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