Severe allergic reactions, also known as anaphylaxis, require immediate first aid. Learning about this topic and how to respond quickly are very important for parents and caregivers.  When a child has had a previous reaction, he may benefit from keeping medication such as epinephrine injectors (Epipen or AuviQ) or diphenhydramine syrup (Benadryl) nearby at all times.

The injectors often come with a practice or trainer injector and links to video instructions that should be used by all caregivers as soon as the injectors are prescribed.  They come in a two-pack that is intended for one episode, in effect, giving a second dose if symptoms have not resolved 15 minutes after the first dose.  If your child has such a dual pack, please do not split up the injectors and call us if you prefer extra prescriptions to keep a pack at multiple locations rather than keeping the pack with your child at all times.  This link provides more information.