Hassle Free Formula Preparation?

It’s no secret, our life and our world is fast paced. We are constantly looking for items to make things faster and easier.  One of the latest ‘hot items’ in the baby world are counter top devices that are designed to mix your baby’s bottles for you. It mixes the infant formula and water, warms it to the right temperature, and dispenses it directly into a bottle.  While these devices may look attractive, please pay close attention to the instructions that come with them.

It is imperative that babies get the right concentration of water and formula per feeding. Inappropriate amounts of water and or formula could cause serious health issues for your baby such as electrolyte imbalances, seizures, water intoxication, dehydration, undernourishment, etc. Proper sanitation and regular inspection of the device and its’ parts for things such as mold or a clogged filter must also take place per the device manual instructions and as needed. We welcome anything to make life more convenient, but not at the expense of our children’s health.