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Growing Pains 5/24/2020

Lead Testing Updates 5/17/2020

Fingertip Injuries 5/10/2020

Infant Hemangiomas 5/3/2020

Toddler Discipline 4/26/2020

Toilet Training Resistance 4/19/2020

Getting Ready to Read 4/12/2020

Gestational Diabetes after Pregnancy 4/5/2020

Friendships 3/22/2020

Baby’s Temperament 3/15/2020

Bedwetting 3/8/2020

Breast Milk Storage 3/1/2020

Food Serving Sizes 2/23/2020

Chores 2/16/2020

Vaping Update 2/9/2020

Depression for Dads 2/2/2020

Seizures 1/19/2020

Is It Too Late for Flu Vaccine? 1/12/2020

Preschoolers Don’t Need Fat-free Diet 12/29/19

Melatonin 12/15/19

Preparing Your Child for the Arrival of a New Sibling 12/8/19

HPV 12/1/19

Scrapes and Cuts 11/17/19

Teaching Your Child about Racial Bias 9/1/19

Homemade Baby Food 8/18/19

Earwax 8/11/19

Fish 8/4/19

Whooping Cough 7/28/19

Lipid Screening 7/14/19

Vegetarian Diets for Children 7/7/19

Core Exercises 6/30/19

Nightmares vs Night Terrors 6/23/19

Sharing Books: 2 and 3 Year Olds 6/16/19

Prescriptions: Insurance or Out of Pocket? 6/9/19

Separation Anxiety 6/2/19

Sports for Preschoolers 5/26/19

Lipid Screening 5/19/19

Healthy Protein Guidelines 5/12/19

Bunk Bed Safety 5/5/19

Fiber Guidelines 4/28/19

Well Child Visits and Insurance 4/21/19

First Aid for Severe Allergic Reactions 4/14/19

Raising An Adventurous Eater 4/7/19

Exciting Office Update

Helping Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Family Media Plan

Home Apnea Monitors

Car Seat Updates for 2 to 4 year olds

Tooth Decay

ADHD and Behavior Therapy

Choosing an Infant Formula

Nebulizer Options

Gassy Babies

Back Pain in Children and Teens

Hassle Free Formula Preparation?

Winter Fitness

Dentist/Halloween Candy Buy Back

Cocooning Your Newborn

Puberty: Discussions with your Daughter

Puberty and Your Son

Body Talk and Your Preschooler


Sports and Grade School

A Tough One to Tackle: Football and Head Injuries

Footloose and Screen Free

Don’t Let It Bug You

Alcohol: Time to Talk

Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

Digital Rules for Home

Car Seats A Quick Review

Talking to You Teen About Drugs

To floss or not to floss

Skin Picking

Sun safety tips

Anchor It – Preventing tip-over tragedies

What’s the scoop: cereal for breakfast

Homework Habits

Labial Adhesions


Burn Treatment and Prevention


Eat Fruit Don’t Drink It

Register now for Water Safety Class

What is RSV?

Eczema How to Help Your Child Avoid the Itch

When can my child stay home alone?

Money Management and Your Teen

Promoting Physical Activity

Family Disruptions


Cradle Cap

Aggressive Toddlers

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Cold Sores

Winter Car Seat Safety Tips

Tips for Teaching Gratitude

Holiday Mental Health Tips

Teach Simple Rules about Safety with Adults

Penicillin Allergy

Alternative Immunization Schedules

Wellness Programs for Kids

Vitamin D and Calcium

Bilingual Children

Amber Teething Necklaces

Does My Child Need a Vitamin?

Ready for the First Day of School?

Backyard Safety


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Your Teen and Responsibility

Poison Prevention and Treatment

Iron Supplementation

Warm Water Infections


Kids and Tech

Picky Eater

Lawn Mower Safety and Your Teen

Online Symptom Checker

Sharing Books: 12 to 23 months

Bee and Wasp Stings

Latest HPV News

Shoes for Busy Toddlers

Bicycle Safety Tips

Lead Screening

When Should My Child Learn to Swim?

Depression Screening

Valet Parking

Using Time Out Correctly

Acne Tips

To treat or not to treat the flu?

Peanut allergy prevention

Pre-travel Appointment

Why is fiber so important?

Tummy to play

Is it Strep Throat?

Allergens Are Everywhere

Is this the stomach flu?

Delayed Drowning

Swimming Pool Safety

Pharmacy Discounts

E-cigarette health risks

Protect your family from sunburns

Fireworks Safety

Baby Blues

Bug Safety and Your Child

Sports physicals

How to beat summer boredom

April is National Autism Awareness Month

Progress on Ear Infections

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

New Immunization Requirements for Teenagers

When to suspect an allergy

Coughing: Safe Home Remedies

My Child Seems to Get a Lot of Colds

Zika Virus Facts and Pregnancy

Ways to prevent the spread of flu

Key Facts About Influenza

September is Childhood Obesity Month

Bullying- It’s Not OK