Puberty: Discussions with Your Daughter

Puberty: Discussions with Your Daughter

It is best to be honest and to have multiple little talks or discussions with your daughter about what to expect during puberty and menstruation. One big talk can be overwhelming and a lot of information to process!  The best time to have these discussions is before any changes take place.

If your daughter has a good understanding of what puberty and menstruation are then she won’t be surprised by it.  She will also understand that she and her friends may mature at different rates and that may look different. Ultimately, it is important to explain that puberty is a positive and healthy process. Help your daughter understand she is changing and maturing into a woman as she should.

How do you know if puberty has started? Usually breast development is the first sign, followed by the growth of some pubic hair. After breast development, most girls enter a phase of rapid growth. They become taller and curvier. Typically about one and half years after their growth spurt or about 2 and a half years after breast development, the first period arrives.

For more information on how to explain puberty to your child here are some great resources: ‘The Care and Keeping of You’ by American Girl, the website, further information can also be found by clicking here.

Cox Health also offers a class for mothers and their daughters, ages 10-13.  It includes a discussion of the changes of puberty, presented by an experienced nurse and mother. Call 417-269-5239 for more information.

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