New Year’s Resolution Ideas

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Mothers: Thinking of getting more fit in the new year? Research has shown that when mothers exercise more, so do their children.  Increased exercise means decreased risk of developing chronic illnesses and mental health disorders. Research has also proven that regular physical activity can boost a child’s school performance.

Fathers: Wanting to make your relationship more of a priority? Research tells us that a healthy relationship with your partner means healthier children.  Your relationship with your partner is the emotional environment in which your children live. So go ahead, set a weekly date night, and work on putting your relationship first!

0-2 years of age: Make it a goal to keep your child rear facing until at least two years of age. Safety first! Did you know that children under two are 75% less likely to die or be severely injured in a crash if they are rear-facing? Cox Health offers car seat checks for proper installation, for more information click here: Cox Health Car Seat Check.

3-9 years of age: Perhaps it is a goal for your child to eat healthier.  Children like to eat food they make. Cooking and eating together is a good way to encourage healthier eating among other benefits such as science skills, math skills, responsibility of clean up, building self-esteem, etc.  At you can find family friendly recipes that are healthy and fun.

10-14 years of age: Time for a technology curfew? Removing screen time two hours before bed encourages healthy sleep. Healthy sleep has endless benefits. Create a schedule and stick to it. Confusion and arguments will be kept to a minimum once your kids understand that the technology curfew is a nightly event that’s here to stay. For more information click here: No Screen Time Before Bed

15 years and older: Teens often have goals of independence. Nurture your teen’s independence by allowing them to make choices for themselves.  Encourage them to research new fads before trying them so they learn to make healthy choices and to take responsibility for their actions. More information can be found at

Pediatric Associates of Springfield wishes you a Happy New Year!  We are excited to meet with your child or children this year for their annual checkup when we will discuss healthy ideas as mentioned in this blog. Our goal is that they have the happiest and healthiest life possible. Thank you for allowing us to care for your family.

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