New immunization requirement for teenagers

Missouri is now requiring a second dose of the meningococcal vaccine for high school seniors.  This vaccine is commonly known as Menactra.  The first dose is recommended at age 11 yr and the second dose at age 16-18 yr.  It covers four strains of bacteria that can cause life-threatening infections in teens and young adults.  Please call the office to update your teen’s vaccines if needed.

Springfield schools sent out a letter recently that also mentioned recommendations for HPV (to prevent cancer) and HAV (to prevent food-borne liver infection) for the same age group but these are not required by the state at this time.

Also of note for this age group, the Centers for Disease Control is recommending an additional type of meningococcal vaccine (type B) for 16-23 yr especially those living in a group setting such as a college dorm.  It is not required however and generally not covered by insurance.  We are offering this vaccine for this high risk group on a self-pay basis.  Please discuss this with your provider.  When you are ready to proceed, call our bookkeeping staff to order and make payment arrangements.

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