Our practice is the only independent pediatric group practice in Springfield.  We are affiliated with Cox Health Systems and are health care providers for many different insurance plans within the Cox network.  Each plan, even those with similar names, has varying benefits and restrictions.  Our bookkeeping staff are familiar with the plans but each family must learn the details of their own healthcare coverage personally.  Each insurance company has online and telephone support to help you find out all the information necessary to understand your plan.

We will file claims for all in-network plans.  If we are not a provider for your plan, we will give you an itemized statement at the time of the visit which you can use to file a claim.  All charges not covered by insurance are the personal responsibility of parents/account guarantor.  This includes co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance and fees for services you have requested that are not a covered benefit of your plan.  Fees for office visits are calculated by a formula (enforced by law) that considers the amount of time spent with the provider and the complexity of the problem among other things.  For example, combining a check up and a consult about an illness would take considerably more time than just a check up and so would have a higher fee or even two co-pays.

Effective May 1, 2017 we regret that we will not be providers for Missouri Medicaid HMO plans.  If your child has traditional Missouri Medicaid, we expect no changes in our provider status.