Talking to your teen about drugs

Talking to your Teen about Drugs

Talking to your teenager may at times feel like talking to a wall, but the truth is they hear more than you think!  As a parent, if you talk to your kids about the harms of drugs, you will not regret it.  What you will regret is not talking to them about drugs, and wondering if it would have made a difference.

It is important to give them the facts of why drugs are a bad choice and then opening up a discussion with them and what they think about drugs.  This allows them to have their own voice. Let them know you that love them. They may not want to hear it, but they need to know that your love is present and not going anywhere–no matter what challenges life brings their way.

Research has found that if parents regularly discuss the harms of drugs, their teens are 50% less likely to use drugs.  That is huge! So what are you waiting for parents? The time is now.

For more information on how to talk to your teens about drugs please click here. 



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