Eat fruit. Don’t drink it.

Eat Fruit. Don’t Drink it.

This is advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  Juice can be a popular drink among children, as well as convenient, coming in a variety of boxes and pouches that are easy to pack and handle. But is it worth it? The AAP warns against the use of juice for your children as it can lead  to cavities, weight gain or weight loss, and diarrhea. Whole fruit offers fiber and other nutrients that juice cannot.  Juice is not recommended under the age of 1 unless recommended by your physician. Here is some more information from the AAP:

  • Breastfeeding exclusively until 6 months of age and up to one year of age is highly encouraged.
  • Do not offer juice in a bottle or sippy cup or allow it to be carried around all day with the child.
  • If choose to buy juice, only buy products labeled “100% juice” to avoid added sugar and other ingredients.
  • Serve juice that has been pasteurized to avoid germs that put infants and children at risk of getting sick

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