Children’s Tylenol Dissolve Packs


We are expecting to get shipments of flu vaccine within the next month. We hope to start flu vaccinations for the season at the beginning of October.  We will post updates on this web page once flu vaccines arrive.  We will start scheduling after they have arrived.



A new option for Tylenol (acetaminophen) dosing is available for children ages 6 to 11 years.  Children’s Tylenol Dissolve Packs are now available for those who don’t do well with suspension, and have not yet mastered the art of swallowing pills.   A link to dosing and general information from the manufacturer’s web page are included below.  Please note that dissolve packets for acetaminophen are also available for adults under a variety of manufacturers and some formulations may contain aspirin.  As always we recommend to read package labeling carefully.  Aspirin is not recommended for use in children.

Children’s Tylenol Dissolve Packs



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