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COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus)

We continue to be open every day to serve our patients and families! ____________________________________________________________________  Children 12-18 years old are now eligible for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. ****Cox is planning Pfizer Vaccination Clinics for MAY 15  and 19.  Please call (417) 269-1300 to schedule or online at*** You may also schedule at (417) 269-INFO for CoxHealth’s other […]

Impacts of Gestational Diabetes after Pregnancy

Did you know gestational diabetes affects your health and your child’s health even after you deliver?  This article discussed ways to moderate those effects for both you and your child.  Please feel free to bring up your concerns at your well visits or call us at (417) 882-1600.

Breast Milk Storage

Pumping breast milk is a true act of love for your baby.  Having to discard that hard-earned milk from improper storage is heart-breaking.  This article gives guidelines on safe storage of pumped milk.

Food Serving Sizes for Toddlers

After the first year of life, growth slows and many new foods are offered.  This can lead to confusion on appropriate serving sizes for toddlers.  Detailed information is provided on nutrition guidelines in this article.

The Importance of Chores

The Importance of Chores Let’s be honest……getting our children to do chores can be a complete chore.   But having chores teaches them valuable life skills.  Starting early is best, but it is never too late to begin. It may be a fight at first, think of it as growing pains.  Your child is learning new […]

Depression for Fathers

The arrival of a new baby brings big changes for both parents.  Health care providers are growing more aware of how common depression is among new dads as well as new moms.  Indeed, when a mom has depression, a dad is much more likely to have depression as well.  This can strongly impact the health […]


Many parents worry that high fevers may cause seizures and brain damage.  Many studies have shown that when seizures do occur with high fever but no other serious symptoms, there are usually no lasting complications.  Seizures also occur in other situations and several conditions can mimic seizures.  Seizures can be scary to observe and how […]

Preschoolers Don’t Need a Fat-free Diet

Preschoolers Don’t Need a Fat-free Diet Adult diets are often not a good match for children’s nutritional needs.  Growing children need food groups such as healthy fat and carbohydrates that adults sometimes avoid.  Guidelines on healthy fat intake is discussed in this article.

Melatonin and Sleep

Melatonin and Sleep Parents are eager for their children to sleep, and sleep is vital to one’s development.  There are a few things that should be done consistently to accommodate a restful night’s sleep such as a regular bed time routine, limiting blue light exposure, etc. Melatonin use as a sleep aid over the past […]

Preparing Your Child for the Arrival of a New Sibling

Preparing Your Child for the Arrival of a New Sibling Including siblings in the excitement and joy of planning for the arrival of a new baby eases transitions for the entire family.  This article discusses different ways to do so for different age groups.  If you have specific concerns, please call our office for more […]