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Family Media Plan

Family Media Plan Media should work for you and within your family values and parenting style. When used thoughtfully and appropriately, media can enhance daily life. But when used inappropriately or without thought, media can displace many important activities such as face-to-face interaction, family-time, outdoor-play, exercise, unplugged downtime and sleep. You and your family can […]

Foot loose and screen free!

Foot loose and screen free! Screens, they’re everywhere!  From our phones, to tablets, to TV’s,and more.  It is easier than ever to connect online, but many families are looking for ways to unplug.  This summer is a great time to go screen free.  Even if you cannot completely go screen free, there are lots of […]

Digital Rules for Home

Digital Rules for Home Rules, rules, rules.  There are rules about bedtime, rules about mealtime, rules about traveling, rules about pretty much the entire childhood.  BUT, what about rules for the computer?  The AAP recommends setting up established rules for internet and computer use in your home.  These rules should be established in early childhood […]

Kids & Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age from the AAP

Kids & Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age from the AAP Here are a few tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to help parents manage the digital side of raising children: • Treat media as you would any other environment in your child’s life. Set limits; kids need and expect them. […]