WELL CHILD CARE (check ups and sports physicals) and immunizations are vital to keeping your child healthy.  These visits are recommended frequently in the first two years of life then annually in the toddler and school years.  We strongly feel well child care is absolutely essential to your child’s well-being.

We provide various screening procedures that are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics but may not be covered by all insurance policies. If this is a concern, please ask for details when scheduling your appointment.

Appointments for well child care are usually available to schedule 2-3 months prior to when your child is due to come in.  Booking siblings in back to back appointments can save travel time but we request you plan a safe diversion for the children while you converse with the doctor.  Since missing school is a concern for older children, please plan ahead for those popular after-school, school holiday and summer appointment slots.  If you have a particular day or time in mind, we do maintain a waiting list.  We understand sometimes a need arises for a well child appointment on short notice despite a parent’s planning.  We will do our best to find a solution for your child including overbooking or offering an appointment with a different provider than usual.  Oftentimes, keeping up-to-date on annual sports physicals can prevent having to schedule an “emergency” appointment at what is usually an inconvenient time for your busy teen.

Please bring any paperwork your child needs completed by the doctor to the visit such as daycare forms, asthma/allergy school forms, camp forms, college forms and MSHSSA forms.  Note that some of these forms require the parent/student section or testing (e.g., medical history or TB skin test) to be completed and signed by a parent and the student before the appointment.  Links for some of the common forms are available on the Education section of this website.

Kids get sick more often than adults so we reserve a large part of our schedule for two types of SICK VISITS.  Our providers are available weekdays 8AM – 8:30AM to see our patients who walk in with minor, brief illnesses.  Our “walk-in clinic” is very popular and helpful to address simple problems as well as getting you and your child back to work and school quickly.  As you might imagine, it is not possible to address long-standing problems (such as months of pain or recurring infections) in such a format and an extended appointment will need to be arranged.  Insurance contracts place restrictions on a new patient’s first appointment so please call ahead for those.

During busy times of the year such as flu season, you might have less waiting time if you schedule a regular appointment. We have set aside about half of our time so that most children can be seen the same day for regular sick visits.  Our skilled triage staff is available to help you determine when is the right time to come in and provide advice on home care if needed.  Other resources for home care including links and printable Word documents are available on the Parent Resources section of this website.

APPOINTMENTS FOR CHRONIC CONDITIONS (for example, ADD, asthma or constipation) often need more time than you might expect to fully discuss symptoms, medical history and planning future care.  These longer appointments  are usually scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance.  Explaining the problem in detail when you call for the appointment will allow additional time to be scheduled so that the problem can be addressed in an unhurried way.  We want to give each of your concerns all the attention needed to manage the problem.  While counter-intuitive, it is usually not efficient or cheaper to schedule a well child visit with a chronic illness visit.

WEEKEND AND HOLIDAY APPOINTMENTS are limited and reserved for conditions urgent enough they should not wait for the next regular office hours.  Calling early enables us to schedule necessary appointments promptly.  Scheduling an appointment will minimize waiting time.  If you choose to come to the office without an appointment, your child will be seen after those with appointments.  Chronic problems or non-urgent conditions will be scheduled during regular office hours Monday-Friday.

We understand that family schedules are very busy and changeable. If you are running late, please notify us so we may reschedule your child’s appointment for a more convenient time.  As time is reserved for your child, it is very helpful to cancel at least 24 hours in advance if you are not able to keep your appointment.  This allows us to offer that appointment to another child.  Repeated missed appointments without cancellation may result in additional charges or your family being asked to leave the practice.

We make every attempt to honor your appointment times as we appreciated the value of your time and dislike long waits ourselves.  The nature of caring for children, however, sometimes makes this difficult due to emergencies in the hospital or in the office.  We are grateful for  your understanding of the inconvenience.  We will try to keep you informed of delays and can reschedule your child’s appointment if needed.

We very much want to help you with your sick child, however, adding in questions, exams, refills and paperwork for unscheduled siblings even for minor problems makes your provider late for the next child who is waiting.  Please help us stay on time by scheduling an appointment for each child who needs our attention.  The front desk can start refill and paperwork requests more efficiently than the nurses and doctors.  We truly appreciate the courtesy for your fellow parents.

If timing is critical to your schedule, please consider requesting the first appointment of the morning or afternoon.

Children may receive immunizations and other injections with an appointment during most of the year at NURSE VISITS.  Nurse appointments are generally available, Monday-Friday 10:00 am – 11:00 am and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm as well as Saturdays from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.  Please call to schedule an appointment.  Our office nurses are not able to advise you on alternate vaccine schedules.  Please come to your nurse visit prepared to state exactly which immunizations or injections you are needing.  If you are not sure, schedule a visit with your provider instead.  For the safety of your children, no immunization will be given if a provider is not in the office.