Anemia occurs when your child’s oxygen carrying cells, or red blood cells, decrease below the normal amount for their age.  This may cause symptoms such as pale skin, shortness of breath, tiring easily, weakness, etc. They may also exhibit a condition called pica where they eat uncommon things such as dirt, clay, ice, etc.

Because rapid growth may cause anemia, the first year of life and adolescence are two age groups where infants and children are at increased risk of anemia.

Close attention to your child’s diet may help prevent anemia from occuring, but some anemias are inherited and must be followed by a hematologist. If your child has had prolonged or heavy bleeding this too may cause anemia. It is important for anemia to be identified and corrected.

For more information about anemia including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment please click here or follow up with our office today.  If you feel that your child has symptoms of anemia as discussed above, please follow up with our office or make an appointment with your pediatrician.

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