Alcohol: Time to Talk!

Alcohol: Time to Talk!

Alcohol is the substance most abused by teenagers.  Alcohol abuse is responsible for the most injuries and deaths from accidents, homicides, and suicides among teens.  As parents, we must acknowledge that at some point our child will be exposed to alcohol in one way or another.

Have you talked to your child about alcohol? If your child is 9 years of age or older, the AAP recommends you start speaking with them about alcohol. I know what your thinking, ‘that seems so early though‘. If you start having small talks about alcohol and the potential harms of its’ abuse starting at a young age then when your child is older they will be educated and hopefully have a healthy opinion on the matter.

Most parents don’t realize their children drink– research shows that only 10% of parents think their teens drink, yet 52% of teens admit to drinking alcohol.  Out of those parents, they thought that 60% of other children were drinking. This is sobering and it’s time to get real.

You may be asking, what does my teen or child care what I say? According to the AAP, 80% of teenagers stated that their parents influence their decision to drink or not to drink.  Those are staggering statistics.  Remember, don’t talk at them, but with them.  For more information, please click here.

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