Sharing Books: 2 and 3 Year Olds

How to Share Books with 2 and 3 Year Olds

​Even toddlers can enjoy books and learn from sharing books with you. Sharing books with your children can help them learn to talk better and get them ready to listen and learn in school.

A bedtime routine is a great time to read with your child. Setting aside 15 minutes nightly, with all electronics turned off, is the perfect opportunity to share books with your children.  This is a great time to focus on one another without distractions.  Bedtime routines also help toddlers transition to falling asleep on their own and decrease night time awakenings.  Here are some ideas what you toddler can do and what you as a parent can do to help share books.

2 Year Olds Can:

Choose a book to share; enjoy sharing the same book over and over again; repeat some of the words and phrases you say or read; ask you questions, such as: “What’s that?”; enjoy a trip to your local public library for Story Time or to borrow some books.

What Parents Can Do:

  • Use book-sharing as a way to calm and comfort your child.
  • Start a conversation by repeating an important word your child has just said, You can say: “Balloon. Lots of balloons. The girl has lots of balloons.” Then wait for your child to say something more.
  • Count pictures and wait for your child to repeat the numbers after you.
  • Respond with enthusiasm to your child’s questions and comments.

3 Year Olds Can:

Name the books they want to share with you; pretend to read a favorite book aloud to you; tell you how a story is like things they have seen or done; ask you questions about books you are enjoying together; “correct” you if you skip a word or page in a favorite book; tell you the story in a favorite book in their own words.

What Parents Can Do:

  • Ask your child to tell you about the pictures and the story.
  • Respond with enthusiasm to your child’s questions and comments.
  • Ask your child to show you all the things in a picture that are alike in some way. You can say: “Can you find all the blue things?” or “Show me all the things that can fly.”
  • Point out colors, shapes, numbers in their books.
  • Take your child to the local public library to borrow books or to enjoy Story Time

The above information can be found on along with other helpful resources from the AAP.

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