Dentist/Halloween Candy Buy Back

Has your child had their flu vaccine?

Flu vaccinations for the 2018-2019 season have started!  We will keep our supply status updated here.  Our vaccines usually arrive in small batches so check back regularly if you don’t see your child’s dose available right now.

We will not receive Flumist this season.  Nose spray flu vaccine (Flumist) is not recommended by the AAP this year.

Shots for age 6 months to 35 months –  good supply

Shots for age 3 years to 18 years –  good supply

Please call (417) 882-1600 to schedule your appointment when your dose is listed.

We have been getting smaller, more frequent shipments of flu vaccine this year with no concerns for shortages.  Thank you for your patience.

(Updated November 2, 2018)

For information regarding influenza click our link: Key Facts About Influenza


Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat

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It’s that time of year that our kids are hauling candy into the house by the sack full.  As parents we love to see our children dressed up in costumes, but the thought of all the candy afterwards can be overwhelming.  We know kids will not give up that sweet tooth easily, but did you know that there are programs that will pay cash for their candy? Many communities have local dentist offices or businesses that offer programs known as “Halloween Candy Buy Back”.  These programs often will donate the sweet stash to support our troops.

This is a great seasonal service project to start with your family. Have your child pick out their favorite 5 pieces of candy and donate the rest.  It’s a great “Trick” for parents and is a sweet “Treat” for all involved!


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