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Nightmares vs Night Terrors

Nightmares vs Night Terrors Does your child suffer from nightmares or night terrors? Did you know there is a difference? Disruptions in sleep patterns can be signs of underlying health issues such as stress, illness, being overtired, etc.  A regular bed time routine is helpful to your growing child. Nightmares: Nightmares usually occur during the […]

Sharing Books: 2 and 3 Year Olds

How to Share Books with 2 and 3 Year Olds ​Even toddlers can enjoy books and learn from sharing books with you. Sharing books with your children can help them learn to talk better and get them ready to listen and learn in school. A bedtime routine is a great time to read with your […]

Sports for Preschoolers

Sports can be a great way to encourage fitness for your child. This article discusses the motor skills expected for preschoolers, when to start sports activities and the benefits of sampling many sports. We enjoy talking with you and your child about development and fitness at his annual check-up. Please call us when it is […]

Body Talk and Your Preschooler

Body Talk and Your Preschooler When your child is around the age of three years old, it is a good time to start talking to them more about their body. This should include teaching them the proper names of their body parts, teaching them what parts of their body are private, and teaching them about […]

Stuttering: Normal or Not?

Stuttering: Normal or Not? As your toddler or preschooler increase their vocabulary and language development, they may encounter some bumps along the way.  Disfluencies in their speech (e.g., word or phrase repetitions) is often observed in these age groups, but can actually be a normal part of their development. Below is a chart from the […]


Is your child shy? Shyness is quite common among children.  Many children are simply born this way and are naturally more withdrawn or introverted.  It may take them longer to warm up to new situations. Time to adjust: Most shy children do well in relationships and in social settings once they are past an initial period […]

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Registration?

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Registration? Spring is a time that many schools begin registering incoming kindergarten students for the new school year.  A well child visit before registration is recommended. At this visit, your provider will discuss the various issues related to this important transition. Immunizations Immunization boosters are commonly given at 4 […]